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Altra Industrial Motion, a leading multinational designer and producer of innovative electromechanical power transmission components, utilizes advanced technology and engineering capability to provide state-of-the-art braking systems, overrunning clutches, gearing and geared motors and linear actuators for use on all types of amusement rides and ski lifts.

The global brands of Altra Industrial Motion offer expertise in standard and custom-designed power transmission component solutions for a wide range of applications including ferris wheels, water/boat rides, lift rides, roller coasters and ski lifts.

Altra brands that support the amusement ride and ski lift market include Formsprag Clutch, Stieber Clutch, Warner Linear, Bauer Gear Motor, Stromag, Warner Electric, Twiflex, and Svendborg Brakes.

Altra Industrial Motion is positioned to provide OEMs with exceptional drivetrain value by ensuring component compatibility and optimized performance combined with time-saving, single-source convenience.

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