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Moveable structure engineers and OEM’s worldwide have come to rely on the companies of Altra Industrial Motion for highly engineered, long-lasting power transmission solutions. Altra utilizes their exceptional engineering capability, extensive application expertise and advanced technologies to design and manufacture reliable products with the lowest cost of ownership.

Altra companies provide full drivetrain solutions for the heavy moveable structure industry with a comprehensive offering of custom-designed helical and worm gear speed reducers, couplings and braking systems to meet specific project requirements. Altra engineered power transmission products are installed on all types of bascule lift, vertical lift and swing bridges as well as dam and spillway flood gates around the world.

Altra brands that support the heavy moveable structures market include Nuttall Gear, Delroyd Worm Gear, Ameridrives Couplings, Bibby Turboflex, TB Wood’s Incorporated and Twiflex Limited.

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