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The well recognized brands of Altra Industrial Motion are industry leaders in braking, gearing, controlling and load transmitting products. Warner Electric and Stromag have adapted their product lines to meet the special needs of stage and theater applications. Robust Bauer Gear Motor, Boston Gear and Ameridrives solutions are designed to provide staging, rigging, and trussing OEMs with years of reliable, trouble-free service.

Altra Industrial Motion supplies technically advanced limit switches, safety brakes, geared motors, speed reducers and universal joints for a wide range of theater and stage applications including above stage and below stage machinery along with moveable seating systems.

Suspended loads are in motion above the stage throughout most productions. Altra products provide superior performance on various types of hoists that raise, lower and move overhead lighting, sound equipment, scenery and curtains during shows. Altra solutions are also utilized on a wide range of below stage equipment, including scissor lifts, ball screw podium lifts, winch-driven podium lifts, chain lifts, and stage rotators that raise, lower and rotate very heavy sections of a stage depending on the performance.

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