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the Outdoor Power Equipment Market

Altra Industrial Motion brands supply technically advanced clutch/brakes, linear actuators and controls, couplings, pulleys and castings for a wide range of outdoor power equipment applications including residential and commercial riding mowers, ZTR mowers, walk-behind mowers, UTV’s and log splitters.

With industry-leading brand names, including Warner Electric, Warner Linear, TB Wood’s, Guardian, and Kilian, Altra Industrial Motion is positioned to provide OEMs with exceptional drivetrain value by ensuring component compatibility and optimized performance combined with time-saving, single-source convenience.

Based on long-term relationships, most major mower OEMs now view the Warner Electric engineering team as an extension of their internal engineering departments. OEMs routinely ship prototype mowers to Warner’s Technology and Innovation Center so Warner engineers can develop a custom clutch/brake solution for the specific mower application and then define and perform all appropriate testing protocols in-house. Warner Linear’s expertise in mower deck actuator applications is also well known throughout the industry

Download the Mobile Power Equipment Market Brochure (P-8571-C)

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